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The SHINING-Rise of the degenerates LP + CD

Image of The SHINING-Rise of the degenerates LP + CD

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From Hollands masters of crossover/hardcore/ punk/thrash/ metal.

Killer debut album from this hot band. Good reviews everywhere. Album include a FREE CD of Verbal Abuse / Scheisse Minelli / The Shining – Speed Kills… But Who’s Dying SPLIT CD.

I love this band the most. Pure uncut thrash from time when both Slayer and Suicidal Tendencies where in their infancy. The band can, these days, best be compared to Municipal Waste, but even more out of control. Guess you never thought that was possible. Get your skate boards out and act like it’s 1985. Go!


The Shining – Rise Of The Degenerates LP (Just 4 Fun)
Comparing bands to other, usually better known, bands can be a bit tricky. The Shining has been compared, by me, with (old) Municipal Waste on several occasions. The Amsterdam pack of hungry wolves, obviously do not sound EXACTLY like their American counterparts. On ‘Rise Of The Degenerates’, even less. The Shining seems to become more of a pure crossover band of the 80s, in the sense of a primitive Suicidal Tendencies and a punky DRI, rather than a modern thrash metal band, a direction I was thinking they would take after their previous efforts. It is now safe to say that The Shining have found a drinking hole of influences, which is pretty much fresh water. The liquid is still slightly contaminated with the bands mentioned above, and also Nuclear Assault or The Accused. And judging by the BGK cover ‘Rules’, they also know their Dutch punk history. The band’s love for these crazy classic bands makes this one amazing pleasure to listen to, as the joy in playing and the respect for the heroes of old go hand in hand. The compact, crunching songs, with the uncontrollable urge to derail entire societies, gives energy and puts an evil smile on your face. Madness still rules supreme, but more and more on The Shining’s own terms. Let your inner degenerate take control and mosh.

Martijn Welzen/Mass Movement Magazine

The Shining – Rise of the Degenerates

Betyg: 8/10

Holländarna i The Shining kramar om 80-talets thrashscen och ser till att den tar ett ordentligt kliv in i 00-talet, utan att för den sakens skull förlora varken känsla, snabbhet eller smuts. Många vill jämföra bandet med tidiga Municipal Waste, men jag tycker att det finns en hel del skillnader banden emellan, även om partyådran existerar i båda lägren. Jag tänker mer på band som Nuclear Assault och D.R.I. i samklang med ett hårdare Suicidal Tendencies. De sistnämnda särskilt i en låt som t.ex. Crucifiction, som verkligen väcker tonåringen i mig till liv på ett positivt sätt.

Gillar man thrashmetal, punk och metal som är doppat i piss och vinäger så kommer troligtvis The Shining att smaka precis lika bra som Jack Nicholson-rullen med samma namn, och det är ju knappast fy skam. Bäst blir det när bandet drar på ordentligt som i Managers, Hounds of war och naturligtvis storfavoriten Crucifiction. Kolla upp direkt! Lukinzine