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the FREEZE-Someones Bleeding 7"

Image of the FREEZE-Someones Bleeding 7"

30,00kr - On Sale

The Freeze- Someone's Bleeding 7”. With a lot of the older bands, you need to approach new releases with a certain amount of caution, but The Freeze are an exception as they’ve been consistently putting out great records for almost forty years now. From their early singles to their appearance on “This Is Boston Not L.A.” through some excellent albums throughout the nineties, they have never really been a letdown. And this release is no exception. This disc features two previously unreleased tunes that are both really good in addition to re-recording two classic tunes “So Long Ago” and a personal favourite “Sacrifice Not Suicide”. A nice little collector’s piece and a worthy addition to The Freeze’s discography. Import from the Netherlands.