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RF7-Hatred on the rise CD + RF7-Addictions & Heartache CD

20,00kr - On Sale

These Punk veterans celibrate 30 years of real punk! There best album up to date.On this recording original members from the 80`s and todays members do it together..and the result is KILLER..


By Rad Brad
RF7 have more releases out than the Stones I think. Never straying from the formula, this is perhaps their best release. The Wolf man is an amazing song with great guitars. You get slow, fast, slow then really fast songs. The song legacy explains their travels. Great lyricism, great guitars and songs, you wont be able to stop listening that stick in your head. I put them in the Ramones, Misfits,Motorhead, Black Flag pre Henry styles. SoCal surf sound is all over as well. I was thinking this band is the least sell out of any punk band and I love that. This is hardcore at its best and if you buy it you will love it. I hope there is more or a tour. Brad

RF7 - Hatred On The Rise {Just4Fun} First album from this underrated Californian HC band since 2004’s ‘Addictions And Heart Aches’ and it’s great to hear the veterans cutting it in such a formidable way still. This is quite novel in the that half of the disc was recorded by the 1980s line-up and the other half by the current band. It’s a good mix too; the current line-up certainly has the edge in terms of sound and urgency but there’s a gnarled, cantankerous bile about the 80s version. Both line-ups tackle the title track while other highlights include the vintage thrashtastic ‘Old Enough To Die’ re-recorded by the new line-up, opener ‘Worlds On Fire’ and the political double-pronged attack of ‘Left My Arm In Fallujah’ and the incinerating ‘Peace Is Not An Option II’. Soundwise, imagine a mix of THE FREEZE and D.O.A with a hint of LOWER CLASS BRATS and you’re there - especially if you add some of Lemmy’s meets Lee Ving’s dulcet tones about the vocal! With no signs of sounding old or jaded, this 19 track slab shows many of today’s young guns how to do it - and do it in style! (03.01.11)