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Pagans / The Guillotines-split EP

65,00 kr

Holy fucking hell! If you long for the days when American punk rock was dirty and dangerous, I've got a record that's gonna blow your head off! Set for release on Just 4 Fun Records out of Sweden, this is a split 7" teaming up the almighty Pagans with Houston, Texas's The Guillotines (a new-ish band featuring former Pagan Bill DeGidio {aka Robert Conn} on guitar and lead vocals).

You may recall that Mike Hudson regrouped the Pagans a few years ago and made an excellent album called Hollywood High (the first Pagans full-length in 31 years!). Working with a revolving cast of supporting players, Hudson continues to grow the Pagans legend. And on this split, we get the appropriately titled "Hopped Up". Featuring the blistering guitar work of Richie Duguay (The Hellhounds, Duff McKagan) and Capt. Ben Reagan (The Feederz, Richie Ramone), this old-style smasher sounds 100 percent like CLASSIC Pagans. Close your eyes, and you'll be instantly transported to the mean streets of Cleveland circa 1978! Hudson sounds like a man who's traveled to hell and back and lived to tell the tale. He's a one of a kind performer and a true national treasure. Long may he reign!

DeGidio/Conn did multiple stints with the Pagans back in the day, and he's also well-known as a member of Cleveland punk greats like The Defnics and AK-47's. He eventually relocated to Houston, and a couple years back he formed The Guillotines with Jewels (Chelsea Hotel) on vocals and bass, Curtis De Gidio (Chrome Kickers, The Velostacks) on guitar and vocals, Glenn Gilbert (Vanity Crimes) on lead guitar, and Stevie Ryder (Root) on drums. The Guillotines are very much in the spirit of the Pagans but are by no means a straight copy. Instead think of a modern version of 1970s Cleveland/New York punk rock. The band's contributions to this split, "8-Pack Day" and "She's All Alcohol", are from the soon to be released album Heads Are Gonna Roll. And, boy, do they ever rip! If you like sleazy, high energy rock n' roll formed from the primordial ooze of The Stooges, MC5, and (of course!) the Pagans, you're gonna go wild for these songs!
Faster Louder Blogg