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NO IDEA-Jag hatar punk 7" EP


12 songs recorded in 1986 by one of the most underrated Swedish Hardcore bands ever! Finspång Container Hardcore.
Songs released in 1987 on the Container Party Compilation Cassette.

18 bonus songs availible in the download code.
Track 1-12 from Container Party session 1987 (Recorded 1986)
Track 13-27 Live from Baracken in Växjö 1987
Track 28 from Container Party session 1987 (Recorded 1986)
Track 29-30 from Beach Party session 1986 (Recorded 1985)


NO IDEA – “Jag Hatar Punk” EP
It almost seems impossible that there are still a lot
of lost hardcore/punk gems left for the reissue scene
to mine, but holy smokes, this is some crazy obscure
shit that’s actually pretty fuckin’ great. NO IDEA were
a very short-lived Swedish band that recorded a bunch
of demo tracks in 1986, the best of which appear on
this disc. This release isn’t going to change our understanding
of hardcore history, but it is amazingly welldeveloped
early crossover with a hot-shit guitar player. You can hear bits
of everything from ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT to LARM to MISSBRUKARNA in the
mix, with the punk influence fading as the record goeson. The B-side is almost
exclusively metallic thrash except for the barked hardcore vocals. Fuck, “Hellraiser”
is a goddamn monster of a track, what a sick riff! If you have any interest at all
in early crossover, this is an absolute must-have. I have to say this with depressing
frequency lately, but don’t let the shitty graphic design and badly pixelated photos
put you off, this is quite a find (and you definitely get your money’s worth as the
record comes with a download of 30(!) tracks, includingall demos and live takes). (AU)
(Just 4 Fun) Maximum RockNRoll #388

Remember that postage has the same rates for 1-3pc 7" EP`s