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NO IDEA-Jag Hatar Punk 12" + 7"EP (Limited Edition package)

119,00kr - On Sale

No Idea - "Jag Hatar Punk" 12"

“This is some crazy obscure shit that’s actually pretty fuckin’ great … If you have any interest at all in early crossover, this is an absolute must have!” - Maximum Rock N Roll

NO IDEA is a Swedish Crossover/HXC band from 1986. Jag Hatar Punk has been fully restored and remastered! While there is a lot of music from this era being reissued this is truly one of those hidden gems that needed to be made available to the world.

Jag Hatar Punk unleashes thirteen songs of Crossover/HXC that will blow you away. Being in the right place and time this band could have gone onto be big like many of their peers in the US. Regardless of how unknown they were this record stands out as one of the best crossover/HXC records of all time. While this will certainly be a release sought out by collectors; any fan of Crossover/HXC will need to have this album!

Not only does this reissue contain all thirteen songs restored and remastered. Also contained are liner notes by the band as well as pictures and flyers from back in the mid 80’s.

To make matters even better NO IDEA got back together in Feb for a show in Sweden. It went so well that they will be touring the US this spring!

So get this record and own a piece of Crossover/HXC history!

Side 1
01. Rambo
02. Jag Hatar Punk
03. Svält är Mord
04. Var Hämnd
05. Parasit
06. Teenage Suicide
07. Jag Lydde Bara Order

Side 2
01. No Straight Edge
02. Whitehouse Statement
03. Hellraiser
04. Rape Your Master
05. No Nuke
06. South Africa

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