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LÄRMATTACKE-28 Blast From The Past LP (Network of Friends)

Image of LÄRMATTACKE-28 Blast From The Past LP (Network of Friends)


Only for sale to Swedish Customers-

Den bästa Internationella samlingen sedan "PEACE", " Cleanse the Bacteria" och "Welcome to 1984". Mycket material som är exclusivt för denna samling. Mycket begränsad upplaga och Just 4 Fun Records har exklusivt för Sverige.

HERESY: Network of Friends (a rehearsal recording 1987 in Dortmund, Germany)
SO MUCH HATE: Ruin it (the song has been on “Blind Alley”, but this version was rerecorded and better played for a compilation LP by Hageland HC Records in Belgium, which never came out)
HEIMATLOS: Piss end love (from their Demo June 1984, this song was never released. “Soldier” in a different recording than on their 7”)
Crude SS - Leonid Var Röd (1st line up; 4 song 7” which was NEVER released so far)
Crude SS - Nazi Go Home
NEUROOT: Smash The State (recorded Live on 11.09.1984, at the “OOC Bauplatz Squat” in Venlo, Holland)
SVART FRAMTID: Hat (unreleased Demo 1985)
LÄRM: Nothing for us (Anyone remembers that LÄRM started with a girl named Dorien as a vocalist?! You´ll be surprised!!!
LÄRM: Police Threats
EXTREM: Mir is Fad (Vienna, rehearsal 1982)
BEDRÖVLERZ: Utsatt (Demo Tape 1985, unreleased on vinyl yet)

CAPITAL SCUM: How when where (Crucifix-cover song; rec. 2008 for a Belgian compilation LP, which was NOT used for the compilation)
RATTUS: Uskonto (This song is from a studio demo from 1983. It was recorded when Annikki joined the band as a vocalist, he sings the old songs and then Jake and Tomppa sing the new songs, so that Annikki could listen & learn the new songs from this tape.
INDIGESTI: Nessuna (unreleased songs, same session as the songs of their split 7“´82 with Wretched)
BANNLYST: Believe (Demo Tape 1983, unreleased! Not to be found on the Discography LP!!)
MOB 47 - Dom Styr Vara Liv (taken off their Demo 1984)
MOB 47 - Stop The Slaughter
RAW POWER: Raw Power / Fuck Authority (Live 12.1983 in Pisa, Italy; released on BCT Tapes #5 in 1984 in the USA)
INDIREKT: Bermtoerisme (Demo Tape june 1986, pre-production for „Niemansland“ 7“´86)
INDIREKT: Carol In Prose
S.O.S.: Skate Brigade (Live 1985 AJZ Bielefeld, Ruhrpott area band)
FILTHY FEW: Cry of nature (Split LP´89, which was never distributed except for a few band copies; 900 damaged records where found in 2017 in a garage; the former record lable owner is a drug addict and wasn´t able to run his label anymore in the late 80´s; Ruhrpott-area)
UNWANTED YOUTH: Early Grave (unreleased Demo October 1989, Ruhrpott-area)
TU-DO HOSPITAL: Media Control (unreleased Demo 1985, Ruhrpott-area)

Release date : Delayed until NOV -20