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EXPLOITED-Totally Exploited LP

Image of EXPLOITED-Totally Exploited LP

99,00kr - On Sale

Special repress withe the original artwork of the classic best of compilation of UK82 legends THE EXPLOITED!!! Old school frantic English hardcore by one of the most reverred and coherent punk bands from Great Britain.


[A1] Punks Not Dead
[A2] Army Life
[A3] Fuck A Mod
[A4] Barmy Army
[A5] Dogs Of War
[A6] Dead Cities
[A7] Sex & Violence
[A8] Yops
[A9] Daily News
[A10] Dole Q
[B1] I Believe In Anarchy
[B2] God Save The Queen
[B3] Psycho
[B4] Blown To Bits
[B5] Insanity
[B6] S.P.G.
[B7] Jimmy Boyle
[B8] U.S.A.
[B9] Attack
[B10] Rival Leaders