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DEATH SENTENCE - Ryan exhumed LP

Image of DEATH SENTENCE - Ryan exhumed LP


Limited to 500 copies! Hardcore thrash pioneers from Australia. This is
the first time their classic "Ryan-thanx for the support" EP from 1985
has been given a legit vinyl re-issue. Additionally you find some extra
material from their first demo, a few cuts from a 1988 studio session
and a live track on the B Side of this LP. This is HC mastery, taking
the path of "United Blood" era Agnostic Front or early D.R.I. up to the
next level of sheer ferocious rage. Alongside with international
likeminds like Siege, Heresy, S.O.B., Gepopel and others they've been
on a mission to counteract the decline of the first wave of hardcore
bands in the mid 80ies. Brutal, to say the very least!